Brew day! July 23 2011

23 Jul

Brew day has begun.

Jack looks on approvingly:


Scott adds the grain to the mash tun:


We are starting with a pale ale, and then moving onto an IPA. More to come…

Update 12:15 PM

The mash tun is rockin:


Kevin is testing out his new smoker: (beer can chicken…mmm


We also got our grain ready for the IPA. We cashed out our American two row supply… Called
For 21#!

The brew dogs are lounging in the sun:

More to come…

Update: 4:50

Amy Winehouse Memorial Pale Ale in the carboy:


IPA is boiling away:


Brewing is a hard days work…going on 7 hours!

Update: 7:30

Just got home from a long, but successful brew day. We brewed two beers and bottled one. ( and drank some)…

We brewed a pale ale we are calling the Amy Winehouse Memorial pale, and an IPA that we haven’t named yet.

IPA at flameout:


Rusty chasing sprinkler water from the plate chiller – he did this for 15 mins straight:


8ish gallons of IPA fermenting away:

Good job to everyone involved… Great beer is brewed here!


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