Pliny Clone: Taste Report

3 Aug

My little brother is visiting from Maryland with his family, and he has homebrewed in the past. I was showing off the CDBC beers, and I thought I’d break out a little something special. So I broke out the Pliny.

This beer…this beer is still amazing. I think this is a Pliny from our first all-grain attempt at Pliny, since we kegged the second batch from Jen Galland. Whatever it is, it’s still 6 kinds of awesome. This beer is old. And, surprisingly, it still pretty much rocks. It’s got a great nose right out of the bottle, but it does fade more quickly. A lot of that Simcoe goodness in the aroma and initial taste. Almost a little booziness now too, now that the hops seem to have faded a little. It also has a really nice lingering bitterness. Man, I can’t wait to buy 2 pounds  of Simcoe for brewing next year, when they come in season!

Simcoe beauty!

The dregs of the Pliny


One Response to “Pliny Clone: Taste Report”

  1. Scott August 5, 2011 at 8:57 am #

    1) Do we have any left?

    2) We need to brew more.

    3) Goddamn that was a tasty brew, every batch.

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