Summer Lull, Let’s drink some beer!

10 Aug

Last of the Icicle Bootstrap IPA

Since we’ve got a little lull in brewing for the next couple weeks (but we will need to brew some beer for fall soon), I thought I would do just a random beer update.

There is a new brewery out in Leavenworth, Icicle Brewing Company. I finished off a growler of their Bootstrap IPA the other day (no, not all at once) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s hoppy, with notes of citrus.


Deschutes/Boulevard White IPA

I also recently tried a White IPA, from Deschutes Conflux Series. They brewed it in conjunction with Boulevard Brewing from Kansas City, MO. It’s an odd monster, this white IPA. Smells like a yeasty Belgian beer. The flavor is familiar at first as a Belgian Wit but then some crazy hop notes and other spices/herbs hit the palate. I admit I did not know what to think at first. It was certainly not bad, very drinkable…but at the same time so insanely different than anything I have had before, I couldn’t place it, and then I started to like it.

Close-up of the label


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