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Ninkasi + 21st Amendement = Nirvana in a can

8 Nov
Headline News!

Headline News!

Look at the box!

The whole package

Ninkasi and 21st Amendement have teamed up to create one of the most delicious ales I have ever had. It’s just an ale, nothing special, except the dates…but they compliment the flavor, not provide it. Normally I am skeptical of 21st Amendment, I want to like their beer but it is never as good as I think it should be. On the other hand, Ninkasi has yet to make a beer I don’t like.

“Allies Win The War” is their collaboration. And it is quite simply one of the best ales I’ve ever had. I can’t even explain it. The flavors are perfectly balanced. If this beer wasn’t over 8% ABV I could drink a few more….nevermind, I can drink a few more. And the packaging…GOOD LORD the packaging is just as good as the beer inside it.

I highly recommend you get your hands on some of this. If the CDBC is lucky I’ll have a can left to bring to brew day in a couple weeks….or I may have to buy more just to share. I am hoping this is not a one off, never to be seen again creation.

In the glass


Next brew day is November 19: Espresso Stout

7 Nov

Next brew day is November 19, starting at 11, we’ll brew an Espresso Stout and probably another beer (the Espresso is an extract batch).

Recent Beer News:
Our Pumpkin Stout is tasting pretty good, the spices are little too forward but hopefully that will mellow with age. It’s been in the bottle almost 2 weeks now.
The Black Butte Porter Clone has been kegged and bottled. It attenuated a little less than we would have liked but came in around 5.8% ABV and has a nice roasted chocolate flavor that I am hoping only gets better when fully carbonated and conditioned.
The Scotch Ale has been bottled, or “rebottled” with carbonation drops since the simple syrup was inadvertently left out of the bottling procedure.

Brewery Updates

5 Nov

Yes, it’s been a while since I rapped at ya. And we’ve been pretty active in the interim. We’ve brewed a porter (10 gallons), a pale ale (10 gallons), and got some cider going (15 gallons).  Today we’re brewing a Pliny the Younger Clone, courtesy of Jason. This monster uses over 2 lbs of hops and almost 40 lbs of grain for a 10 gallon batch. That meant upgrading to a new mashtun and saying goodbye to our trusty 48 quart cooler. And with the PTY, we still almost filled up the mashtun!

Next brew day is in a couple weeks; we’re brewing a chocolate espresso stout, and an all grain amber for the Pork n’ Pie winners Tiara and KP.

25 gallons from 12 gallons.

Porter Brew Day. We almost filled the tun!

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