Brewery Updates

5 Nov

Yes, it’s been a while since I rapped at ya. And we’ve been pretty active in the interim. We’ve brewed a porter (10 gallons), a pale ale (10 gallons), and got some cider going (15 gallons).  Today we’re brewing a Pliny the Younger Clone, courtesy of Jason. This monster uses over 2 lbs of hops and almost 40 lbs of grain for a 10 gallon batch. That meant upgrading to a new mashtun and saying goodbye to our trusty 48 quart cooler. And with the PTY, we still almost filled up the mashtun!

Next brew day is in a couple weeks; we’re brewing a chocolate espresso stout, and an all grain amber for the Pork n’ Pie winners Tiara and KP.

25 gallons from 12 gallons.

Porter Brew Day. We almost filled the tun!


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