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February 25th Brew Day

16 Feb

Saturday February 25th we are brewing a porter!

Come on by, same bat time, same bat channel. Drink some beer. Brew some beer. Offend someone. Drink some more beer. But do that all responsibly, remember, don’t drink and drive. Arrive Alive.

See you at the Brewery!


Mmmm, Three-Quarter Ton of Grain (almost)

10 Feb

If you ever wondered what just over 1400 pounds of malted grain looks like:

sacks of grain

This grain will all go into yummy beer.

We picked all this up a few weeks ago, hopefully it lasts more than six months.

What kind of beer should we taste at the February CDBC meeting?

10 Feb

This month’s meeting is coming up on Wednesday Feb. 15th, there has been discussion for a theme for beer tasting.

Please make a selection by Tuesday Feb 14th so we have a day or so to find beers.

Of course if you have homebrew to share, that trumps the Beer Theme.

See you at the Brewery!

IPA Brew Sat Feb. 4th 2012

1 Feb

Per Jason: Kevin got some Falconer’s Flight hops a while back, and we want to test this sucker out – by brewing a simple IPA. Anyone interested in joining us and lending a hand? Starts ~ 10 and ends when Kevin starts to make uncomfortably long eye contact with people…so around 11 🙂 (all kidding aside – 4ish).

I’m sure there will be some sports thing on the TV, and good times will be had by most.

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