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Things that make you go… Mmmmmm

1 Aug

Greetings and transgressions!

Coming to you from beautiful Crested Butte Colorado. I am currently sitting on the deck of our rental, and I am enjoying a Breckenridge Avalanche Amber. While not overwhelming, it is most definitely in the style (with a nice caramel/peppery taste and a light hop profile). I probably wouldn’t order it, but I don’t mind drinking it…

Here are a couple of pics so far:

Mmmm beer…


Mmmm scenery…


Mmmmm another beer…

Now I am enjoying a 5 Barrel Pale from Odell Brewing. Much better than the Amber… Both dry hopped and hop backed… Tasty stuff! Although the nose is better than the taste. Would taste great out of the tap…



Brew day! July 23 2011

23 Jul

Brew day has begun.

Jack looks on approvingly:


Scott adds the grain to the mash tun:


We are starting with a pale ale, and then moving onto an IPA. More to come…

Update 12:15 PM

The mash tun is rockin:


Kevin is testing out his new smoker: (beer can chicken…mmm


We also got our grain ready for the IPA. We cashed out our American two row supply… Called
For 21#!

The brew dogs are lounging in the sun:

More to come…

Update: 4:50

Amy Winehouse Memorial Pale Ale in the carboy:


IPA is boiling away:


Brewing is a hard days work…going on 7 hours!

Update: 7:30

Just got home from a long, but successful brew day. We brewed two beers and bottled one. ( and drank some)…

We brewed a pale ale we are calling the Amy Winehouse Memorial pale, and an IPA that we haven’t named yet.

IPA at flameout:


Rusty chasing sprinkler water from the plate chiller – he did this for 15 mins straight:


8ish gallons of IPA fermenting away:

Good job to everyone involved… Great beer is brewed here!

The Rapture Pale Ales

20 Jul

Scott, Kevin and I have been back and forthing on what we think of the Rapture Pales that were brewed a couple of months ago.  While we all agree it tastes great, we also all agree there is something weird going on in the background.  Having not yet tried the NWRP, I went ahead and cracked one open last night – below is what happened:

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