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CDBC Pro-Am at Standard Brewing

24 Sep

This coming Saturday, 28 September 2013, some of the CDBC top home brewers will duke it out at a People’s Choice competition at Standard Brewing! If you are interested in judging (only 15 spot) and can be at Standard from noon-2pm, head on over to Justin’s blog for the call for judges and shoot him an email.

There has been a lot of talk an prep for this around the CDBC, and people are getting excited. The winner gets their brew on tap at Standard until the keg is gone. We hope to see you there!

Even if you can’t make it this Saturday, you should check out Standard and stop by for beer: Standard Brewing, 2504 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98144


CDBC Monthly Newsletter

5 Apr


April  5, 2012

Hi Kids,

Hope you all had a good March!

Good month for CDBC brewing wise – below is a “brief”synopsis from our brew master:

Recent brews have included:

1. Falconer’s Flight IPA. Now in bottles, 7.5% ABV, 56 IBUs, 6.0 SRM, oG 1.069. This IPA was hopped with a combination of Falconer’s Flight, a new proprietary blend of the major “C” hops, and Amarillo, and based on our Alesmith IPA clone recipe. This beer hit 7.5% ABV and

2. Comrade/Communist Baltic Rye Porter. Now in bottles, 5.7% ABV, 32 IBUs, 39 SRM, OG 1.061. This recipe was based on a recipe appearing in Zymurgy magazine was our first attempt at brewing a beer with Rye Malt, at 25% of the grist. The remaining was a combination of Pilsner, Caramel, Chocolate and Black malts, and it was hopped generously with Fuggles and Saaz. This beer is smooth and complex.

3. Zythos IPA. Bulk aging, ready to bottle. 5.8% ABV, 65 IBUs, 9.4 SRM, OG 1.054. Another in our series exploring single hopped beers, this beer was hopped entirely with Zythos throughout, and based on our now-standard IPA recipe.

4. Tragically Hopped Amber. Fermentation complete, aging begun. Expected ABV: 7.0%, 80 IBU, 16 SRM, OG 1.064. This is a repeat of a CDBC classic, the Tragically Hopped Amber Ale. Hopped Throughout with Amarillo, Columbus and Cascade Hops, this beer is a regular favorite at the Pork n’ PieTacular.

5. Oak Aged Yeti Stout Clone. In primary fermentation. Expected ABV: 8.5%. 83 IBU, 45 SRM, OG 1.082. This is a recipe based on Great Divide’s Yeti Imperial Stout. Currently actively fermenting (VERY actively fermenting…blowoff tubes changed once already!). This beer is going to be aged on oak cubes, soaked in bourbon, to give it a unique character not yet seen in a CDBC beer. Brewed with a mix  of several dark malts and hopped with centennial, cascade and Chinook throughout.

We’ve also made several improvements to our brewing process.

1. We realized we had more wort loss to the mashtun than we had realized, partly because it was angled backwards. So we’ve begun propping up the tun at mashout/sparge to get higher quantities of wort, which has been quite successful at raising our yield.

2. We’ve also begun to add water to the mashtun first to pre-heat it, and giving it a good 15 minutes to let the temperature of the tun rise before adding grain. This has results in much more consistent mash temperatures and better conversion.

3. We’ve begun recirculating the mash with the pump, rather than vorlauffing with a pitcher, which seems to set the grain bed well and results in less work for us.

4. The fermentation chamber is complete, and should be much more successful at maintaining consistent fermentation temperatures.

The attached pictures are from the last brew day on the old system, fondly known as “the mud pit”. The next brew day will occur on our new, brewing-specific patio.ImageImageImageImage

What kind of beer should we taste at the February CDBC meeting?

10 Feb

This month’s meeting is coming up on Wednesday Feb. 15th, there has been discussion for a theme for beer tasting.

Please make a selection by Tuesday Feb 14th so we have a day or so to find beers.

Of course if you have homebrew to share, that trumps the Beer Theme.

See you at the Brewery!

CDBC looks into the future, all the way to the year 2012

27 Jan

Now that we are getting back on track after the holidays, things at the brewery are going to start heating up again.

Some upcoming items:
  • We are picking up something like 1300 pounds of grain this weekend. That should get us at least a couple brews.
  • We will have a monthly meeting, the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 to taste beers and welcome people who want to learn more. This is in addition to our brew days.
  • Next Brew Day is tentatively set for this Sunday, January 29th.
  • We hope to put together a schedule of brew days for the next few months.
  • The National Homebrew Conference is in Bellevue this year! June 21–23. (They say Seattle…but really it’s across the lake in Bellevue.) The CDBC plans to be there somehow. Maybe just pouring some beer, maybe some in competition, maybe just there to drink everyone else’s beer.

We had our first meeting of the new year on Thursday, January 26th. We tasted a lot of homebrew. We also set up more of a structure to hopefully get more people into the collective and brewing beer. 2012 looks off to a good start!

See you at the Brewery!

Ninkasi + 21st Amendement = Nirvana in a can

8 Nov
Headline News!

Headline News!

Look at the box!

The whole package

Ninkasi and 21st Amendement have teamed up to create one of the most delicious ales I have ever had. It’s just an ale, nothing special, except the dates…but they compliment the flavor, not provide it. Normally I am skeptical of 21st Amendment, I want to like their beer but it is never as good as I think it should be. On the other hand, Ninkasi has yet to make a beer I don’t like.

“Allies Win The War” is their collaboration. And it is quite simply one of the best ales I’ve ever had. I can’t even explain it. The flavors are perfectly balanced. If this beer wasn’t over 8% ABV I could drink a few more….nevermind, I can drink a few more. And the packaging…GOOD LORD the packaging is just as good as the beer inside it.

I highly recommend you get your hands on some of this. If the CDBC is lucky I’ll have a can left to bring to brew day in a couple weeks….or I may have to buy more just to share. I am hoping this is not a one off, never to be seen again creation.

In the glass

Summer Lull, Let’s drink some beer!

10 Aug

Last of the Icicle Bootstrap IPA

Since we’ve got a little lull in brewing for the next couple weeks (but we will need to brew some beer for fall soon), I thought I would do just a random beer update.

There is a new brewery out in Leavenworth, Icicle Brewing Company. I finished off a growler of their Bootstrap IPA the other day (no, not all at once) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s hoppy, with notes of citrus.


Deschutes/Boulevard White IPA

I also recently tried a White IPA, from Deschutes Conflux Series. They brewed it in conjunction with Boulevard Brewing from Kansas City, MO. It’s an odd monster, this white IPA. Smells like a yeasty Belgian beer. The flavor is familiar at first as a Belgian Wit but then some crazy hop notes and other spices/herbs hit the palate. I admit I did not know what to think at first. It was certainly not bad, very drinkable…but at the same time so insanely different than anything I have had before, I couldn’t place it, and then I started to like it.

Close-up of the label

Pliny Clone: Taste Report

3 Aug

My little brother is visiting from Maryland with his family, and he has homebrewed in the past. I was showing off the CDBC beers, and I thought I’d break out a little something special. So I broke out the Pliny.

This beer…this beer is still amazing. I think this is a Pliny from our first all-grain attempt at Pliny, since we kegged the second batch from Jen Galland. Whatever it is, it’s still 6 kinds of awesome. This beer is old. And, surprisingly, it still pretty much rocks. It’s got a great nose right out of the bottle, but it does fade more quickly. A lot of that Simcoe goodness in the aroma and initial taste. Almost a little booziness now too, now that the hops seem to have faded a little. It also has a really nice lingering bitterness. Man, I can’t wait to buy 2 pounds  of Simcoe for brewing next year, when they come in season!

Simcoe beauty!

The dregs of the Pliny

Things that make you go… Mmmmmm

1 Aug

Greetings and transgressions!

Coming to you from beautiful Crested Butte Colorado. I am currently sitting on the deck of our rental, and I am enjoying a Breckenridge Avalanche Amber. While not overwhelming, it is most definitely in the style (with a nice caramel/peppery taste and a light hop profile). I probably wouldn’t order it, but I don’t mind drinking it…

Here are a couple of pics so far:

Mmmm beer…


Mmmm scenery…


Mmmmm another beer…

Now I am enjoying a 5 Barrel Pale from Odell Brewing. Much better than the Amber… Both dry hopped and hop backed… Tasty stuff! Although the nose is better than the taste. Would taste great out of the tap…


The Rapture Pale Ales

20 Jul

Scott, Kevin and I have been back and forthing on what we think of the Rapture Pales that were brewed a couple of months ago.  While we all agree it tastes great, we also all agree there is something weird going on in the background.  Having not yet tried the NWRP, I went ahead and cracked one open last night – below is what happened:

Rapture Pale

17 Jul

Our Rapture Pale (I think this is the one with the Manny’s yest, the cap said MRP).

The color is nice, and the head is huge.

Little hop aroma, very bready. A very drinkable beer, but something seems off. A little but of an acidic taste, at least I think that is what it is. I wonder if there is a little bit of an infection. That would explain the over carbonation and off taste.

Overall, tastes like a pale. Not our best. Not our worst.

The Rapture Pale

Another Huge Head

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