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Right Now, (hey) It’s Your Tomorrow!

11 Mar

After a bit of an unintentional hiatus, the CDBC is back in action!

The last few months we’ve all felt something missing in our lives. I’m sure you too have felt an empty pit in your stomach that was yearning to be filled by homebrew and witty banter. Well, fear no more! The CDBC is gearing up for an epic year of homebrew shenanigans.

Now here are a few updates from the CDBC:

  • One of the more exciting recent developments has been the generosity of Chuck’s CD. They are letting us hold are meeting in the shop, every third Wednesday of the month. No more scrambling last minute or invading someone’s home. You can find them on facebook or get their current tap list here. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 19th at 7:30pm.
  • Chuck’s has also asked us to do a demo brew on May 11th during Seattle Beer Week. We are working on the logistics, but plan on brewing a 10 gallon batch of Saison while taking questions and explaining the homebrew process to curious on-lookers. We brewed the recipe this past weekend, so as long as it turns out decent we’ll try to repeat it.
  • Planning for our second annual CDBC Con Carnival is in full force. Those of you at last year’s know it was a good time. And we all like good times.
  • Last but not least, we are working on scheduling some more frequent brew days.

Catch that magic moment, and do it right, right now.

See you at the Brewery!

CDBC Pro-Am at Standard Brewing

24 Sep

This coming Saturday, 28 September 2013, some of the CDBC top home brewers will duke it out at a People’s Choice competition at Standard Brewing! If you are interested in judging (only 15 spot) and can be at Standard from noon-2pm, head on over to Justin’s blog for the call for judges and shoot him an email.

There has been a lot of talk an prep for this around the CDBC, and people are getting excited. The winner gets their brew on tap at Standard until the keg is gone. We hope to see you there!

Even if you can’t make it this Saturday, you should check out Standard and stop by for beer: Standard Brewing, 2504 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98144

Bottle Sort

17 Mar

This is what it looks like when you don’t sort or distribute bottles for a while. We distributed Barleywine (Bourbon Aged, Second-Runnings Something Dark), our Cascadia Dark Ale, a Baltic Porter that Kevin brewed, and a Belgian Quad.


This is while the other guys are brewing 15 gallons of Belgian Saison on Greg’s RIMS system.


Saison Brew on March 17, 2013

5 Mar
Our next brew is scheduled for March 17th:

Brewing Saison Collective: we’re going to brew a 10-15 gallon batch of Saison
Bottling Rye on Rye in Ryan: we’re going to need a small bottling crew to bottle the RoRiR out of the barrel.

Also coming up:

Canning?: Looks like we may have an opportunity to can a beer, and it may be the CDA.
Meet at a Brewery: Our March meeting will be at a local brewery with the brewer. We are very excited for this opportunity.

1st Annual CDBC Chili Con-Carnival

5 Mar
The 2013 CDBC Chili Trophy — Keving King

The CDBC Chili Trophy

On Sunday February 24, 2013 the CDBC hosted it’s first annual Beer & Chili Con-Carnival. I think there were 10…maybe 11 different chili entries and 9 beers. All the entries where absolutely amazing. My co-workers on Monday may not have appreciated the chili like I did.

After a couple hours of eating, drinking, catching up and perhaps some politics (always best discussed over beer) we all voted on our favorites and we had two “Best of Shows.” Kevin King’s chili and Drew Gochenaur’s milk stout took home trophies.

And a special thank you to Ryan Schmierer for hosting and getting the trophies.

The 2013 CDBC Beer Trophy — Drew Gochenaur

The CDBC Beer Trophy

Update 6 March 2013:

Full results for Chili:
Best Heat: Aaron Lyon
Beer In The Pot: Kevin King
Something Odd: Greg Guzauskas
Overall: Kevin King

Full results for Beer:
Something Light: Tim Frommer (English Brown Ale)
Something Dark: Drew Gochenaur (Milk Stout)
Overall: Drew Gochenaur

CDBC Updates — December 2012

1 Dec
It’s been awhile….

I realize it’s been almost six months since we’ve posted…but we’ve been busy! (I know, everyone is busy.) Anyway, here are some updates from the CDBC:

• We are re-committed to the website. You can follow us on Twitter @cdbrewing to get updates now and Facebook is coming soon (welcome to 2007!)

• There is now a recipe section on the site and a “Submit a Recipe” section. We will try to add recipes as we can, we like to share.

• Coming in 2013: Our first annual(?) CDBC Chili Con Carnival. Planning is in process.

• February or March 2013 CDBC Club Meeting will be at a local brewery….with the brewmaster.

• We actually have monthly meetings like a real homebrew club.

• The CDBC is looking to be more involved in local competitions and festivals.

We’ve been brewing. We’ve been drinking. We’ve been dreaming about a conical fermentor.

NHC is This Week!

18 Jun

CDBC Schwag

Just a few updates…with NHC right around the corner excitement has been brewing at the CDBC. We will be pouring at club night and in the hospitality suite, finally a chance to really share our beer with a wider audience. Hopefully we’ll get good feedback and kill the kegs! To make sure people remember us, we’ll be handing out all sorts of goodies (pictured above).

If you are curious, here is a list of the beer we’ll be sharing:

  • Winey Devil. Belgian Golden Strong
  • Cleetus the Fetus Imperial CDA. Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Bourbon Oaked Imperial Stout. Russian Imperial Stout
  • Simarillo Pale Ale. American Pale Ale
  • Existential Awakening. Saison

Join the American Homebrewers Association
Also, for those of you not members of the American Homebrewers Association – Join (or renew for members) now through the banner on the right of the page! By clicking through our site the CDBC gets a little kickback from the AHA to help fund our beer adventures.

CDBC Newsletter: May

25 Apr

Hello all,

April has come and almost gone, and we’ve gotten plenty of brewing done.

Beer Updates:

The Zythos IPA, Tragically Hopped Amber and one of our Ciders have all been bottled.

The Oak Aged Yeti Clone (4.3) is aging, bourbon soaked oak cubes have been added to the keg.

The Orange Zest IPA (4.15) is finishing primary fermentation and should be ready to bottle soon. We brewed this with Citra Hops and orange zest at flameout

The Belgian Golden (4.21) is in the middle of a strong fermentation. This is a classic Belgian Golden recipe, half of which will be used in our wine-barrel aging project.

Brewery Updates:

The yard is done! We’ve already had an inaugural brew on the new patio, and we’re looking forward to having a great summer of beer and cornhole on the new lawn. Pics are attached.

Our next Brew Meeting/Beer Tasting will be held on Wednesday, 5/16, at 7:30pm.

If you have a suggestion for either a theme or a field trip to a brewpub or bottle shop, speak up!

Brew Calendar:

5/5/12: Big Brew Day! (Brewery Closed for Double Header Day; brew on your own!)

5/19/12: Brew Day (volunteers? we probably should do NHC beer!)

6/2/12: Brew Day (volunteer?)

CDBC Monthly Newsletter

5 Apr


April  5, 2012

Hi Kids,

Hope you all had a good March!

Good month for CDBC brewing wise – below is a “brief”synopsis from our brew master:

Recent brews have included:

1. Falconer’s Flight IPA. Now in bottles, 7.5% ABV, 56 IBUs, 6.0 SRM, oG 1.069. This IPA was hopped with a combination of Falconer’s Flight, a new proprietary blend of the major “C” hops, and Amarillo, and based on our Alesmith IPA clone recipe. This beer hit 7.5% ABV and

2. Comrade/Communist Baltic Rye Porter. Now in bottles, 5.7% ABV, 32 IBUs, 39 SRM, OG 1.061. This recipe was based on a recipe appearing in Zymurgy magazine was our first attempt at brewing a beer with Rye Malt, at 25% of the grist. The remaining was a combination of Pilsner, Caramel, Chocolate and Black malts, and it was hopped generously with Fuggles and Saaz. This beer is smooth and complex.

3. Zythos IPA. Bulk aging, ready to bottle. 5.8% ABV, 65 IBUs, 9.4 SRM, OG 1.054. Another in our series exploring single hopped beers, this beer was hopped entirely with Zythos throughout, and based on our now-standard IPA recipe.

4. Tragically Hopped Amber. Fermentation complete, aging begun. Expected ABV: 7.0%, 80 IBU, 16 SRM, OG 1.064. This is a repeat of a CDBC classic, the Tragically Hopped Amber Ale. Hopped Throughout with Amarillo, Columbus and Cascade Hops, this beer is a regular favorite at the Pork n’ PieTacular.

5. Oak Aged Yeti Stout Clone. In primary fermentation. Expected ABV: 8.5%. 83 IBU, 45 SRM, OG 1.082. This is a recipe based on Great Divide’s Yeti Imperial Stout. Currently actively fermenting (VERY actively fermenting…blowoff tubes changed once already!). This beer is going to be aged on oak cubes, soaked in bourbon, to give it a unique character not yet seen in a CDBC beer. Brewed with a mix  of several dark malts and hopped with centennial, cascade and Chinook throughout.

We’ve also made several improvements to our brewing process.

1. We realized we had more wort loss to the mashtun than we had realized, partly because it was angled backwards. So we’ve begun propping up the tun at mashout/sparge to get higher quantities of wort, which has been quite successful at raising our yield.

2. We’ve also begun to add water to the mashtun first to pre-heat it, and giving it a good 15 minutes to let the temperature of the tun rise before adding grain. This has results in much more consistent mash temperatures and better conversion.

3. We’ve begun recirculating the mash with the pump, rather than vorlauffing with a pitcher, which seems to set the grain bed well and results in less work for us.

4. The fermentation chamber is complete, and should be much more successful at maintaining consistent fermentation temperatures.

The attached pictures are from the last brew day on the old system, fondly known as “the mud pit”. The next brew day will occur on our new, brewing-specific patio.ImageImageImageImage

Mmmm, Three-Quarter Ton of Grain (almost)

10 Feb

If you ever wondered what just over 1400 pounds of malted grain looks like:

sacks of grain

This grain will all go into yummy beer.

We picked all this up a few weeks ago, hopefully it lasts more than six months.

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