Our Beer

The CDBC Kegerator

The CDBC Taps

CDBC CDA : Our flagship Cascadia Dark Ale. Our take on the emerging CDA style. Imagine if an IPA and a Porter where to have offspring…. hoppy, notes of chocolate & coffee, very drinkable and delicious. Usually comes in about 7% ABV.

CDBC Pale : Our Flagship Pale. We are perfecting a NW Pale. Because we are in the pacific northwest, we are required to brew a pale, there is a law somewhere. About 6.5% ABV.

Chocolate Coffee Stout: A very tasty stout bottled with real coffee.

The Pliney Clone : Even more hooppy and tasty than the original!

Imperial CDA: Our CDA….Imperialized. Let it age a few months. Enjoy. Repeat.

Tragically Hopped Amber: What would happen if you dumped 12 pounds of hops into a 5 gallon batch? Well, that’s not what we did, but maybe we will. This amber is abundantly hopped with a solid malty backbone.

When it comes down to it, we brew something a little different every month, the beers listed above are ones we’ve brewed multiple times and tend to brew when we are not feeling creative. Or we just happen to have an empty keg to fill.


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